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Workshops + Organizational Consulting

Connect with Others. Create Positive Organizations.

Community Workshops

BMORE Thrives offers reasonably-priced community workshops around Baltimore to improve individual, business and community wellbeing. Community workshops are interactive and innovative.

Community workshop registration is offered through Eventbrite. Find us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on community workshop offerings.

Past Workshops

Building High Quality Connections
The Art of Giving in the Workplace
Strengths-Based Strategies to Appreciate and Elevate
Building Resilience in the Workplace
Find Your Flow: Total Engagement in Work
Boosting Vitality and Energy at Work
Crafting Creativity into Daily Work
Mindfulness and Meaning in the Workplace
Empowering Diversity: Honoring Strengths and Character
Parent-Child Mindfulness
Become a Master Job Crafter

Positive Organization Professional Development

Are you looking to boost the wellbeing of your employees? Baltimore Thrives will come to you. Workshops introduce team members to best practices and foundational strategies for sparking long-standing change and peak performance. Promote positive organizational change through our customized workshop series.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today. Start thriving now.

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