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In January 2015, I attended a life and career crafting workshop with Shira Levy. My iceberg
belief was that I was on the wrong path in life, I felt like I had dead end job and I was never going to get
ahead where I was. In the workshop we worked on outlining our goals and actions we needed to take to
get there. Shira provided us with personality quiz to highlight our top strengths, when we are in a job
using our natural strengths we are the happiest and when we are happy we by default succeed.

From this workshop, I knew I had a great set of tools I just needed to apply them in the correct
outlets. Professionally, I had an opportunity to change my current role and take on bigger, and higher
profile customers. I identified volunteering and community is a passion of mine, I used this outlet to
develop skills I was interested in pursuing professionally. (i.e. project management and public relations). I
have been extremely successful, obtaining an elected position on my community's civic association board.

In June 2015, I attended a one on one coaching session with Shira. We talked about where I was
and where I wanted to be. It was interesting because at this session I had made some discoveries. First, I
knew myself very well. Second, I am an extremely fortunate individual with an amazing support system,
great talents and accomplishments and lots of options. Third, my iceberg belief had shifted, to stress about
starting a family or following a career - and that needed to be thrown out.

Since working with Shira, my outlook on life has shifted to happiness and gratefulness. My
confidence has skyrocketed. I have set major life goals and have put together short and long term action
plans to get there. Currently I am working on a plan to use all my professional and personal tools to make
an industry change within the sales and marketing field. I have found great benefit in working with Shira
and plan to continue to work with her.


After taking Shira's amazing job re-crafting workshop my business has at least doubled and will continue to grow with my next plan of action. I recommend this workshop for everyone!


In January 2015, I attended a workshop through Baltimore Thrives that introduced me and several other adults to job crafting (Thrive On: Become a Master Life Crafter). The workshop was taught by Shira Levy, NCSP, MAPP, a school psychologist and wellbeing coach. Through a variety of interactive and self-reflective activities, Shira encouraged us to examine our strengths, passions and values and whether they aligned with how our time and energy were allocated in our current position. Although the workshop was intended to help participants make their current jobs more meaningful, it motivated me to make a major life change. That is, I received the confidence to resign from my current position and seek a position that capitalized on my strengths and interests. Almost 3 years later, I remain grateful to Shira and Baltimore Thrives for the job crafting workshop, as it provided me the courage to take a risk and led me to my current position.


It is amazing how we, as human, tend to forget to view and remember the little things that can make a big difference in our lives, like doing a “24 hours in review” for things that we are grateful for.  Shira's message was very clear for the importance of having a positive reference point to look at every day. Thank you!


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