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Positive Psychology Coaching

Develop Skills to Thrive


Whether you need a boost in your current life or are striving to reach higher goals, BMORE Thrives offers individual and small group coaching to assist you in finding your inner strength and passion to create the life you want. Get organized and engaged in life. Find more innovation and productivity each day. Gain self-awareness. Make your next move with confidence.

What is Positive Psychology Coaching?

Positive Psychology Coaching combines the accountability of coaching with the strength-based, research-backed interventions of the new field of Positive Psychology.

Positive Psychology encourages us to focus on creating positive emotions, relationships, organizations, and growth. Rather than focusing on weaknesses and on what is "wrong" with us, Positive Psychology looks at what is "right" with us. Positive Psychology Coaching provides a guide and brief, cognitive-based interventions to use strengths, passions and values to create the life you want.  What do you have now that you can build upon to create a thriving lifestyle? This kind of outlook can prompt powerful growth. Learn more about the benefits of Positive Psychology Coaching and about how coaching is different than therapy here. Contact Shira for a free consultation to discuss how coaching can move you forward. 


A variety of packages are available to suit your goals and financial needs. While there is no "quick fix" to growth, change and improvement, coaching relies upon brief, solution focused strategies to help you achieve results. All coaching clients are unique individuals and bring different backgrounds, hopes and strengths to the coaching experience. Typically, clients experience the change they are looking for anywhere between two to three sessions and three months.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today. Start thriving now.

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